Fluid-Structure Interaction
1. Fluid-structure interaction for two nearby underwater vehicles.
2. Fluid-structure interaction for a free-falling sphere.
3. Three-phase FSI of a sphere floating on the free surface..
4. Vortex induced vibration.
Multi phase flow
1. Simulation of Flow Around a Marine Structure.
2. Rising bubble.
3. Simulation of Mixing by Rayleigh-Taylor instability.
4. Water drop splash.
5. Broken dam.
Flow instability and transition
1. Investigation of the secondary instability in baffled-channel flow. (DNS)
2. Horseshoe vortex system around a protruding surface. (DNS)
3. Control of flow around a flame holder using jets. (DNS)
4. Taylor - couette flow with an axial flow. (DNS)
5. Control of vortex shedding past a circular cylinder using detached splitter plates(DNS)
1. Turbulent flow in grooved channel. (LES)
2. Turbulent flow in a plane diffuser. (DNS)
3. Turbulent flow in an obstructed channel. (DNS)
4. Effect of freestream turbulence on turbulent flows around a cylinder. (LES)
5. Turbulent flow in a gas turbine combustor. (LES)
6. Turbulent flow around a rotating stepped cylinder. (DNS)
7. Confined Vortex Shedding past a Square Cylinder in Channel Flow