LES of turbulent flow in a gas-turbine combustor
*Scalar transport simulation: contours of fuel mass fraction

*Number of grid points : 144 * 72

*Re (Reynolds number) : Air(200),

*Fuel Air Velocity Ratio : 0.631

Sponsored by Korea Research Foundation
Principal Investigator: Kyung-Soo Yang
Co-Investigator: Dong-shin Shin (Hongik University)
Assistants: Do-Hyeong Kim, Jun-Seok Eom
The objective of this investigation is to develop a computer code and an LES algorithm to simulate turbulent flows in a gas-turbine combustor. A full Navier-Stokes solver has been written with subgrid-scale model (SGSM),passive scalar transport, and subgrid-scale scalar flux implemented.Currently, heat-release in case of nonpremixed combustion is being implemented.
Related Animation : Re=8,520 (Tecplot *.rm format) 
Related paper:Do-Hyeong Kim, Kyung-Soo Yang, Jun-Seok Eom, Confined vortex shedding past a square cylinder with a planar jet , 2003, JSME International Journal B, Vol. 46,No. 2, pp. 316-325..