Horseshoe vortex system around a protruding surface
*Unsteady horseshoe vortex (6-vortex system); unsteady streamlines and Pressure contours at the center plane.

*Number of grid points : 256*96*96

*Re (Reynolds Number) =3,500.

Sponsored by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation
Principal Investigator: Kyung-Soo Yang
Assistants: Jong-Yeon Hwang, Young-Wan Kim
Flow over a protruding surface is investigated using Direct Numerical Simulation(DNS).We consider flow between two parallel plates with a cube mounted on one side of the channel. As the flow approaches the cube, the adverse pressure gradient produces three-dimensional boundary-layer separation, resulting in the formation of horseshoe vortices. The objective of our study is to clarify both the steady and the unsteady characteristics of the vortex system. As the Reynolds number increases, the structure of the vortices near the cube becomes complex and the number of vortices increases. The distribution of skin friction on the cube-mounted wall reflects the effect of the horseshoe vortices. All these results are consistent with the experimental findings currently available.